The Dutch artist Christiaan Lieverse (1971) began to paint at an early age. Women are the main motive in his figurative work. In 2008 he started with a thematic series ‘ Lieverse Hybrids ‘. These are from perfect parts (and according to the ideal proportions of the golden section) accumulated women faces. Although the base is formed by a part of a real face, by manipulating (mirroring) he creates an unusual perfection that fascinates. Then the viewer gets an almost shocking surprise: the face is printed on a real, hairy cowhide. Reason for this series, was a newspaper report about a University experiment in which a ovum of a cow was injected with 99.9% human DNA. So there was so even 0.1% DNA of the cow itself. “I started to fantasize how such a hybrid human-cow would look like” says Lieverse. The search for opposites is characteristic in his projects; as well in his paintings as in his photographic work. Defect and perfection. Pride and defeat. Pain and victory. Coldness and empathy.