He was born in Ibiza in 1981. As a child began their wanderings as an artist (though it was not said in this way) and working with wood, cardboard, hierrecitos, cardboard, glue and cellophane to build their own toys . He spent his childhood and grew up on the island until age 17, who traveled to Barcelona to study sculpture at the Massana School where he learned to give an artistic sense to their already working hands.

After four years he returned to Ibiza, where he studied art forging first art school in Ibiza. From his study period he began making sculptures professionally, and since coming to the island works in his sculpture studio in Sant Josep.


With rusty iron creates animals that has encountered during his stay on the island : bees, rabbits, dogs or frogs; animals that have seen him grow. They are motivation and inspiration, so you have taught for appreciation and the value given. He claims to believe in their particular importance within this natural complex, both those in a single pond, such as those made delicious honey. All have their relevance and harmony is essential for existence under heaven.

As if it were a drawing in space the sculpture is hydrogen, empty inside. The heavy iron loses this property and results in lighter forms.An interior and exterior that are joined together, being inside as well as outside, having two equal parts of importance, in this way allows one thing gives meaning to the other.

This sculptural form owes its essence to the ancient Chinese wisdom: “We bowl with a piece of clay; the vacuum inside is what makes it useful. “Quote from the book Tao teh king. This concept applied to the work is the following: “iron profiles and volumes are constructed; but it is with empty spaces between them allowing the full sense of form “.

Another way to understand this technique is making a sculptural look to music. This is a compendium of sound without sound moments and moments. These spaces between sounds are what allow a melody. Again he is engrossed in not being to reach a harmonious whole.