Sola – German artist lived in Ibiza for 24 years, started as a graphic designer in the 80s and changed art in the 90s, learning oil painting with his teacher Stephen Sanz, with whom she studied 5 years.

After his death, she was looking for her own artistic language – and in the new millennium found paint pixels – a form of collage made cuts postcards – recycled publicicades piles that are printed in Ibiza.

It feels more a day with this technique,and figural hold surprises for long.

A branch of this triphasica artist was the artistic design of festivals, nightclubs and scenarios, national and international, for example:

P1 Munich, Amnesia,Las Dalias,Bambuddha,Jazz and MTV Ibiza, Timewarp Germany, Boom Portugal, Tribe and Universe Paralello Brazil.

She passed away on 2 january 2015.